20 Best Places to Visit in Singapore, Tourist Choice in 2022

Singapore is our neighbor country. It also saves various tourist attractions in Singapore that are interesting and you must visit.

Therefore, it is not surprising that this country has become an attractive tourist destination for a vacation at an affordable cost.

Apart from being affordable in terms of cost, this country also has some similarities with our country. As in terms of food, drink and so on. This certainly makes it easier for you to find foods such as rice and the like.

Travel time or distance to this country also does not take time. The distance is close so that a vacation to this place is more effective and efficient.


Recommended Tourist Attractions in Famous Singapore

Now as a reference, here are some tourist attractions that you can visit when visiting Singapore.

1. Merlion Park

Merlion Park Singapore

This first tourist spot in Singapore will be proof if you have ever been to Singapore, yep Merlion Park.

The Merlion is a statue that has the head of a lion but the body of a fish and is the mascot of Singapore. The park is open every day and can be visited by anyone free of charge.

This certainly saves you and your family vacation costs.¬†What is certain is that if you visit this place, it’s not complete if you haven’t taken a photo spot in that place.

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2. Universal Studios

Universal Studios Singapore

Universal Studios Singapore is an amusement park like Dufan and is a famous place in Singapore.

So it is visited by many foreign and local tourists. Unfortunately the price in this place can be said to be expensive on weekends, which is around one million for adults.

But to avoid that, you can just enjoy taking pictures in front of the universal globe.

But if you want to enjoy various games in it. You can come in the morning because the queue for the game will get longer during the day.

But if you have a more expensive ticket or a priority ticket, then you will avoid the long queue.

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3. Orchard Road

Orchard Road

This place is a street in Singapore which is very famous as a place to shop. But besides shopping, this place is also filled with restaurants of various kinds of food and others.

Often this object is the main place visited by tourists. There is also a station here so you can use it as the easiest transportation. If you don’t want to shop, this place is also suitable for just looking around.

4. Sentosa Island

Sentosa Island Singapore

Sentosa island is the most complete tourist spot but is separated from the island of Singapore.

Even so, you don’t have to worry about getting to this place because there are many ways to get to this separate island.

One way that many visitors are interested in is by using the cable car so that you can enjoy the view from a height. To ride the train you can pay a fee of only 300,000 thousand.

If you are looking for a more economical way, you can use the bus or train. On this island you can enjoy various rides, shopping, attractions and other interesting rides.

5. Bugis Street

Bugis Street

Again, this place is a street in Singapore which is very famous for its shopping tourism. Different from the previous place which serves various luxury shopping places. Bugis Street offers cheap shopping places in Singapore with affordable quality.

With its easy-to-reach location, it’s no wonder this place is the most visited object.

6. Chinatown Singapore

Chinatown Singapore

As the name implies, this place is an area with a Chinese atmosphere. Therefore, the neighborhood is mostly inhabited by people of Chinese descent. So it is very thick with Chinese culture both in terms of buildings, decorations, merchandise and so on.

This object is one of the tourist attractions that is always visited by visitors. What is certain is that there is a trick when you shop at this place. The majority of traders in this place give high prices so to get an affordable price you have to bid first

Interestingly in this place you can also get a variety of knowledge about the history and culture in China.

7. Little India

Little India

As before, this area is a community of Indians residing in Singapore. Of course, if you visit this place you will find a different and distinctive atmosphere of Indian culture.

In this place there are also a variety of interesting Indian accessories both from musical instruments, food and so on. Interestingly, this place also has a variety of Indian spices and herbs that can be found in Singapore.

But if you visit this place you have to get used to the smell of Indian sweat which is a little stinging.

8. Arab Street

Arab Street

Singapore does have several communities of other countries living in the country. Besides China and India, this place also has a community of Arab countries. This place presents a variety of worship equipment typical of Arab countries ranging from worship equipment, perfumes and so on.

The prices offered in this place are also more affordable so that the costs incurred are more affordable.

9. Haw Par Villa

Haw Par Villa

This object is a tourist spot in Singapore that is unique in Singapore. This is because it is a recreation area that presents cultural history and has more than a thousand types of statues.

In addition, this place also has more than 150 dioramas with the theme of Chinese folk tales with their legends. The most unique and differentiating thing from other places is the place with the theme of hell.

Here will be shown about the images of the horrors of torment in hell so it is very suitable to be used as a place of learning. That way, this place is not only a cave for recreation but also a very valuable lesson.

10. Raffles Landing Site

Raffles Landing Site

This place may still be foreign to the ears of Indonesian people or tourists. The name of this place is taken from the founder and modern governor.

The Raffles Landing Site was established in memory of the Raffles fighter. So you will find various replica statues of Rafless, the history of Singapore and various other histories.

Here there are many photo spots that are very popular with tourists with the background of the river and the city of Singapore.

If you are looking for a cheap trip, then this free tourist spot in Singapore can be your choice.

11. Esplanade Theatre

Esplanade Theater

This place is located not far from the proud statue of Singapore, the Merlion. The Esplanade is the most active and busiest arts center in the world. What is unique about this place is the shape of the roof of the building which is similar to a durian fruit.

This place also provides various facilities related to art such as concert halls, theaters and libraries to painting exhibitions.

To enjoy this beauty, you are not charged anything so it is very suitable for those of you who want to take a vacation and save expenses.

12. Gardens by The Bay

Gardens by The Bay

If you are looking for a garden in Singapore that is unique, then you can visit Gardens by The Bay. Like other parks, this place has various types of green plants to giant trees.

Uniquely, this tree is made of steel and serves to collect rainwater and solar energy. The tree is also equipped with lights as high as a 16-storey building so that it will give its own beauty.

To enjoy the beauty of this facility, you are also free of charge. So it is suitable to be used to spend time with family and closest people.

13. Singapore Flyer

Singapore Flyer

The Singapore Flyer is the most popular tourist attraction. This place is a kind of Ferris wheel in Dufan but has a very large size, even the largest recorded in the world. If you ride this flyer you will spend about 30 minutes.

During that time you can enjoy the beauty of Singapore from a height. To enjoy these rides you can spend money worth 350,000 Rupiah.

14. Henderson Waves Bridge

Henderson Waves Bridge

Henderson Waves Bridge is a tourist spot in Singapore that is rarely visited as a major tourist destination. In fact, when visiting Singapore, this tour actually has its own beauty. This place is a wooden bridge that is uniquely designed and resembles waves.

To enjoy these tourist attractions you can visit starting from 7 pm until morning. Actually this bridge is provided for pedestrians to enjoy the beauty from a height.

15. Marina Bay Sands

Marina Bay Sands

This object has become the newest tourist spot in Singapore that is currently popular among the public. This place is a favorite for Indonesian citizens who visit to take photos with the background of Mariana Bay Sands.

This place is an integrated entertainment center and resort which was opened in 2010. This building is even the most unique building in the world.

This building also has several rooms, swimming pool and other facilities that can pamper you. On top of this building there is also the longest swimming pool in Singapore which is widely used for relaxing in the afternoon.

16. Helix Bridge

Helix Bridge

This place is also a bridge that has high architectural value. This bridge has a length of 280 meters and is provided for pedestrians.

This bridge has a spiral shape like DNA that will light up at night. This certainly gives its own beauty and is suitable for spending your evening.

17. Art Science Museum

Art Science Museum

The Art Science Museum is a museum located in Marina Bay Sands.

Located on the shores of Lake Marina Bay, the Art Science Museum is similar to a lotus flower.

What’s more, this lotus design is also very useful for collecting rainwater, and flowing it into a waterfall.

The Art Science Museum is where world-class art exhibitions take place so it is very interesting to visit. If you are looking for a unique place, this Singapore backpacker tour is the right choice for you.

18. Singapore Botanical Gardens

Singapore Botanical Gardens

This tourist spot in Singapore can be said to be the lungs for Singapore. This is because this place has various types of plants that create cool and fresh air.

In addition to creating fresh air. This place can also be used as a place to relax and take a leisurely walk without spending a penny.

In addition to various types of ornamental plants and large plants. This park also has a swan lake that can be used for motor boat rides.

To enter the garden area, you can pay only 50,000 rupiah.

19. Singapore River

Singapore River

Singapore River is a river that flows in the middle of Singapore to the ocean. This river is a popular place for tourists and is visited by many people.

Various activities that you can do in this place are down the river by using a very sophisticated electric boat.

While enjoying the scenery, the boat guide will direct and explain various things on the river.

Starting from the buildings that were passed to the history of this country. to go down the river you can pay a fee of 250,000 Rupiah.

Well, some of these objects are tourist attractions in Singapore that must be visited when visiting there.

Ranging from frequently visited to some tourist objects that have not been visited by many.

In addition to paying attention to the tourist destinations that you will visit, you also have to consider the finances you have.

What is certain is to maintain safety and health while traveling. Hopefully this information can help readers who want to visit a neighboring country that has become one of the developed countries in the world.


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