About Hotelier

Welcome to hotelier.id and I hope you who are reading this blog are always in good health and happy. Finally, after thinking for a long time, the author ventured to make these writings.

The hotelier.id blog is intended for those of you who want to learn about the ins and outs of the hospitality world and of course want to be a great hotelier in the future.

A little about the author, I am currently a hotelier at a resort in Bali, precisely in the Sales & Marketing department. The beginning of his career at the hotel was actually as an HR officer at a hotel chain in the Seminyak area.

The longer you stay in the hotel, the more knowledge you get. Know the duties and functions of each department until I finally found my passion in the sales marketing division.

This blog certainly has a lot of shortcomings and needs further development in the future. Therefore, suggestions and constructive criticism are highly expected.

Update 03 March 2022

Currently the hotelier.id blog will expand the topic of discussion in a wider direction. Such as recommendations for hotels and tourist attractions in Indonesia.

Content contributors will be filled by people who are competent in the world of writing and traveling, of course.

For those of you who want to apply for cooperation, Hotelier is very open, Sis. Please go directly to the contact page. Happy reading all…

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