Bar Organizational Structure and Their respective Duties

Bar organizational structure and charts – For some people, being able to work in a bar is a fun job.

Being able to serve drinks to relieve guests’ fatigue is an interesting thing to do.

Moreover, guests are satisfied with the drinks served, it is not impossible that we can get some tipping sheets. Yes, right?

Of course, the team in a bar consists of several people who have their respective duties and functions according to their positions.

The number of teams usually depends on the scale of the hotel/restaurant where the bar is located.


Bar Organizational structure Chart in the Small to Mid-Scale bar

Bar Organizational Structure and Their respective Duties
Bar Organizational Structure chart

Task Bar Manager

According to its function, a leader or manager is of course the main task of carrying out management functions such as planning, organizing, executing, and controlling related to bars such as:

  • Create a bar sales strategy to achieve the target given by the company
  • Make sales report every month
  • Ensure that bar operations are running according to the SOP
  • Check the log book, if there is any important information or message
  • Validate the requisition list for stock beverages, perishables, groceries, etc.
  • Deliver beverage sales, attendance, and requisition lists to the F & B Manager for the validation process including transferred and broken reports and so on.
  • Check the stock of peanuts, criping, and beverage stock. If supplies run low, you must immediately submit a warehouse request (This is usually assisted by the Bartender because he is the one who directly uses it to serve guests.)
  • Checking the cleanliness and tidiness of the room, as well as the cleanliness and tidiness of the subordinates (personal appearance).
  • Checking other preparations used in the operation, such as cleanliness and completeness and sufficient quantity of each item.
  • Check the cleanliness and completeness of the bars in several outlets.
  • Hold briefings with all staff.
  • Every week accompanying Cost Control to conduct an inventory.
  • Appraisal staff every 6 months
  • Report problems that occur to FBM

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When the bar is operating:

  • Supervise the running of services and operations in accordance with the company’s overall SOP
  • Help welcome guests who come.
  • The Bar Manager must be able to provide motivation and work encouragement to subordinates and maintain good relations with other departments.

Bar Captain/Supervisor Duties

Of course, the supervisor is the second hand of a manager. So when the manager is not in the area, the bar supervisor is responsible for the smooth running of all activities in the bar team. In general, the task of the supervisor bar

  • Make a monthly work schedule for all team bars
  • Assign tasks to Bartenders to outlets.
  • Provide briefing, briefing and training, both to all teams at the bar
  • Order the bartender or bar waiter/ess to do side duties.
  • Check stock of beverages, garnishes, peanuts and so on.
  • Checking the drink list, the neatness of the tables and chairs and the preparations that have been done by the bartender and bar waiter/ess
  • Accommodate and resolve issues facing bartenders and water/ess bars.

When the Bar is operating:

  • Welcoming guests in a friendly and courteous manner, delivering and finding suitable seats.
  • Offer/suggest and take drink orders from guests
  • Always maintain smooth service.
  • Busy helping the bartender make cocktails and
  • helping the Bar Waiter serve drinks to guests; etc

When the bar closes

  • Conduct an evaluation of previous performance
  • Record sales results and make reports.
  • Provide briefing if needed
  • When going home, check whether the condition of the room is clean and tidy, the doors are locked, and so on.

Bartender’s Duty

As we know the bartender is someone who is in charge of making, concocting and dispensing drinks.

In addition, here are the duties of a bartender:

  • Clean the bar area, especially the parts that have not been cleaned by housekeeping.
  • Wipe tables, chairs, counters, and drink bottles.
  • Take various drinks, groceries, and perishables from
  • the warehouse to replace goods that have been sold or to increase stock at the time of peak hour
  • Taking goods/supplies whose inventory is less than
  • stewards, such as muddler, coaster, olive-pick, paper napkin, straw, and glasses.
  • Prepare welcome drinks for guests who check in that day, whether for VIP guests, regular guests, group guests, or guests who come individually.
  • Prepare fresh lime juice for cocktail mix or sliced ​​lemon for garnishes and so on.
  • Prepare and arrange tools for the operation, including shaker, jigger, cocktail strainer, funnel, bar knife, can opener, corkscrew, bottle opener, ice spoon, ice tongs, wine basket, and so on
  • Prepare condiments such as tabasco and lea & Perrins sauce syrup, angostura bitter, fresh eggs, and so on, including cherry, olive, salt & pepper (salt and pepper)
  • Provide potato chips, cassava chips, peanuts, and so on
  • Prepare beer, soft drinks, and white wine in a cold place in sufficient quantities

When the bar is operating

  • Make cocktail orders for guests according to standard recipes and sizes that have been set.
  • Always keep the workplace neat and clean.
  • Always neat in appearance, polite, friendly and maintain good relations with guests and so on.

When the bar closes

  • Storing tools in their original place after cleaning, and drying thoroughly
  • Collect empty bottles and store them at the appointed time
  • Rearrange drink bottles in storage
  • Tidy and clean the counters of food houses to avoid the danger of rats or other insects,
  • Reporting to the Bar Supervisor if there are problems with operating time.

Bar waiter/ess duties

  • Together cleaning and maintaining the cleanliness of the bar room, counters, tables, chairs, and so on.
  • Helping the Bartender take various drinks from the warehouse, perishables (lemon, eggs), groceries items such as juices, peanuts, potato & cassava chips, condiments, syrup, sugar, and so on.
  • Bar table set up with cocktail paper napkins that have been folded and neatly arranged in paper napkin stands, ashtrays, drink lists, tend cards, and flower vases
  • Help the Bartender prepare clean glasses, potato chips, peanuts, and so on.
  • Arranging the location of the tables and chairs, and so on.

When the bar is operating

  • Welcoming guests in a friendly and courteous manner
  • Invite guests to sit
  • Taking drink orders from guests
  • Serve drinks that have been made and prepared by the Bartender to guests in a friendly, flexible, and polite manner.
  • Appear neat, and clean, and always maintain a good relationship with guests.

When the bar closes

  • Together with other teams clean and tidy up the table layout and other equipment
  • Collecting dirty glasses and bottles
  • Inform the FB Supervisor if there are obstacles regarding performance on that day.

That is the general organizational structure of the bar and their respective duties.

Reference: Bars, Drinks, and Their Services – H. Marsum Widjojo Atmodjo, SE


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