3 Best Resorts in Batam, Suitable for Staycation and Holidays

Have you found the city you want to visit? If not, Batam city could be your choice. Not only because this city is a beautiful city.

However, there are many pleasant tourist attractions as well as one of the shopping centers.

Very suitable for those of you who want to go on vacation? Not only spoiled by the beauty of the destination, there are many resorts in Batam that offer luxurious facilities with beautiful views. So you will feel much more comfortable when you are there.


Tourist Attractions in Batam

Batam is famous for the hustle and bustle of an industrial city which is located close to Singapore. However, that does not mean that Batam is only surrounded by tall buildings that operate as mere industries. There are many tourist attractions that you can visit to spend your vacation time.

  1. Beach and Island Tours in Batam

Batam offers various tourist destinations in the form of beautiful and charming beaches. There are Tanjung Pinggir, Viovio, Elyora, Galang Mas, and Kampung Terih beaches. In addition, there are island tours that also have their own charms, namely Tunjuk Island, Ranoh Island, and Funtasy Island .

  1. Historical Tourism in Batam

If you are a person who likes to visit historical places, Batam can also be an interesting option. There are several historical locations that are now tourist attractions in this city. Among them are the Vietnamese Village on Galang Island and the 1000 Habibie Park.

  1. Shopping Tour in Batam

It’s not complete when visiting Batam, but not exploring the shopping area that is so closely related to this city. You can tour various shopping tours at Nagoya Hill, Mega Mall, Harbor Bay Mall, Aviari Market, and Top 100 Mall.

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3 Beautiful Resorts in Batam

To ensure you are safe and comfortable while traveling in Batam, of course the choice of place of residence is taken into consideration. Here are 3 resorts in Batam that you can choose according to your wishes.

1. Montigo Resorts Nongsa

Montigo Resort Nongsa

Located on Hang Lekiu Street, Sambau, Nongsa District, Batam City, Riau Islands. This resort is a 5 star hotel. So do not be surprised if the prices offered start from 2 million rupiah per night.

However, of course there is a price there is a way. This luxury resort overlooks the Singapore Strait which you can already imagine how beautiful it is. Moreover, this resort is also equipped with various luxurious facilities, from swimming pools to spa services.

Some of the closest tourist destinations from this classy resort are Nuvasa Bay Batam, Kampung Terih Tourism Village, Batam Botanical Gardens, to Batu Besar Batam Malay Beach.

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2. Turi Beach Resort

Turi Beach Pool

The next choice of beautiful places to stay in Batam is located on Jalan Hang Lekiu, Sambau, Kec. Nongsa, Batam City, Riau Islands.

Unlike the previous resorts , this inn has a relatively more affordable price. You just have to spend starting from only 600 thousand, then you can already enjoy the beauty of this resort.

Although the price is cheaper, the facilities offered are not cheap. This resort has been equipped with a swimming pool, spa services, beachfront views, and of course free WiFi .

Turi Beach Resort is located by the sea and close to various tourist destinations, such as Nongsa Beach, Nuvasa Bay Batam, and Mega Wisata Coastarina, Kampung Terih Tourism Village, Batam Botanical Gardens, and Sukajadi Golf Course.

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3. Harris Resort Barelang Batam

This luxury resort is located in Tembesi, Sagulung District, Batam City, Riau Islands and is a 4-star hotel. However, the prices offered are also very friendly, starting from only 600 thousand.

Luxurious facilities also complement this beautiful resort , ranging from swimming pools, spa services, bars, free breakfast, to beachfront views .

Various tourist destinations that you can visit while staying at this luxury resort are Maha Vihara Duta Maitreya Monastery, Setokok Beach, Batu Aji Top 100 Waterpark, Cat Eye Tourism Forest and Bonbin Mini, to the Welcome to Batam Monument.

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That’s a glimpse of information about tourist attractions and resorts in Batam that you can visit and enjoy their beauty. You can travel alone or with your family to spend a pleasant holiday.


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