10 Best Fine Dining Restaurants in Seminyak 2022

Seminyak is a part of Bali. Not only in the center of Bali but there are also many fine dining Seminyak which is highly recommended to visit with your partner. The feel of Seminyak is not much different from the center of Bali, so every restaurant is also crowded with visitors.

In Seminyak, you will get lots of references for places to stay and places to eat that are super exotic.

If by chance you and your partner are on a honeymoon in Seminyak, there’s no harm in taking the time to stop by some of the recommendations for romantic fine dining places here.


Fine Dining Seminyak [Best Restaurant]

As briefly reviewed above, Seminyak is indeed popular with a variety of interesting things. One of them is about a fine dining place that has a very romantic charm.

You can also choose a restaurant according to the type of dish served on the guest menu list. For those of you who are very curious, here are some choices of the best Seminyak fine dining restaurants to enjoy dinner with your partner:

1. Batik Restaurant Seminyak

Batik Restaurant - Fine Dining Seminyak
Batik Restaurant – Best Fine Dining Seminyak

The first place recommendation is Batik Restaurant. The name of this very Indonesian restaurant turns out to have an interior design with a batik concept like the name of this restaurant. In every corner of the place, you can see there are many batik decorations that are beautifully made.

Many people who come here call this restaurant a batik gallery. In addition to this very unique place, Batik Restaurant also serves a variety of food menus that are perfect for enjoying your fine dining agenda with your partner.

You can try ordering various typical food menus in Southeast Asia such as Vietnamese, Thai, Indonesian, and many more. Several foreign dishes are also served uniquely, such as spaghetti with Indonesian chili paste.

  • Address: Jalan Kayu Aya, Seminyak, Kerobokan Kelod, Kec. Kuta Utara, Bali, 80361
  • Reservation: Batik Resataurant & Bar

2. Ku De Ta

Fine Dining Seminyak [Best Restaurant]

It’s incomplete if you don’t include Ku De Ta as one of the lists of special fine dining restaurants in Seminyak. This restaurant is classified as an expensive or luxurious restaurant in Seminyak. Because all the dishes and tastes have a five-star level.

Not only the food, the place and atmosphere at Ku De Ta is also made as good as possible to meet the fine dining needs of visitors to make it look more memorable. In this restaurant, you can eat while enjoying the view of the beach.

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3. Da Maria

Fine Dining Seminyak [Best Restaurant]
Da Maria Fine Dining Seminyak

The next recommendation for fine dining Seminyak is the Da Maria restaurant which is no less exotic than some of the restaurants above.

This restaurant has an interior design concept that is very similar to typical Italian. The wall paint is dominated by three typical Italian colors, namely blue, yellow, and white.

In addition to the interior design, almost all of the dishes served here have an Italian concept. If you are really looking for a romantic Italian-style dinner, then Da Maria is very fitting to be your first choice.

4. Bali Ball

Bali ball Fine Dining Seminyak

For those of you who are looking for a healthy version of dinner, it seems that this Bola Bali restaurant is the right choice. The reason is that all menu dishes at this restaurant are plant-based and meatless.

This restaurant offers three-course dishes, namely, appetizers, main meals, and desserts. All dishes are guaranteed to be very healthy.

No need to worry about where to eat, Bola Bali serves a very sweet place for couples who want special fine dining.

5. KYND Community

Vegan Fine Dining Seminyak [Best Restaurant]
KYND Community – Fine dining Seminyak with Vegan Option

Not to be outdone by Bola Bali, KYND Community is also a healthy-based restaurant. All food menus in this restaurant are guaranteed to help visitors who are in the process of dieting.

This KYND Community provides a variety of Vegan menus, with luxurious dishes and very similar to the menu in general.

From the taste of the dish to the plating, everything is very elegantly arranged. With this service concept, your fine dining moments will be more memorable with your romantic partner. The location of this restaurant is in Petitenget, Seminyak, Bali.

6. Nook Bali

Nook fine Dining Seminyak

Switching from a healthy restaurant, now you are also treated to a choice of restaurants with more varied dishes. Nook Bali is one of the most popular restaurants in Seminyak Bali. Because the place to eat Nook Bali is like being in the middle of a rice field.

The very thick rice field nuance will accompany your fine dining agenda with your partner. Around the night area, bright lights are also installed to accompany your dinner moment.

The dishes that you can choose can be adjusted to your taste. There are Asian, Western, Italian, and Indonesian dishes. With this more complete food menu, you can more freely choose dishes with your sweet partner.

7. Shelter Cafe Seminyak

Fine Dining Seminyak [Best Restaurant]

The nuances of eating in a luxury restaurant building will usually feel very ordinary and common. In contrast to the feel of the restaurant with wooden and bamboo ornaments, it feels more classic but classy. This is a picture of the Shelter restaurant in Seminyak Bali.

The building or interior design of the shelter is dominated by wooden and bamboo ornaments. This classic place is guaranteed to add an interesting impression to a fine dining moment with your partner.

Around the shelter, there is a green view that is soothing to the eyes. This green view will accompany dinner with your partner to be more romantic, especially with the addition of sparkling lights. For dishes, most of these restaurants serve organic menus.

8. Lacalaca Cantina Mexicana

Fine Dining Seminyak

From the name alone of course you can already guess that this restaurant has a Mexican-style concept. No doubt, the interior design of the restaurant is made very colorful or colorful like a very typical place to eat in Mexico.

All dishes served at this restaurant also mostly have a typical Mexican menu. Having dinner at this place will really make you feel like you are in Mexico City. Sometimes you can also enjoy classical music while eating fine dining.

9. Mejekawi

Mejekawi Fine Dining Seminyak [Best Restaurant]
Mejekawi Fine Dining Seminyak

Mejekawi serves the best fine dining place that is very typical of Bali. Because there are indoor and outdoor places in this restaurant.

For the indoor location, you will be treated to a very comfortable place decoration and exotic interior design.

As for the outdoor, you will be immediately greeted by views of the beach or sea with the sound of the waves crashing which is very distinctive. You can enjoy dinner with your partner in the outdoor location to make it more romantic with sea views.

10. Sarong

Sarong Restaurant - Fine Dining Seminyak
Sarong Fine Dining Seminyak

Lastly, there is a recommendation for a Seminyak fine dining restaurant called Sarong. This restaurant is also no less charming than some of the previous restaurants. You will be offered to choose an indoor or outdoor location. Both of them present an aesthetic place.

As for the food menu here, most of them are Southeast Asian specialties. The taste given is very classy, ​​so it will make your fine dining moment more enjoyable.

If you are on vacation in Bali with your lover, then you can stop by one of the recommendations for fine dining Seminyak restaurants that have been mentioned above.

Vacation moments with your lover will feel less without a special dinner moment in a special place.

Make sure you choose the right restaurant according to the tastes of you and your partner’s place and cuisine. Some of the restaurant choices above can be the best reference for you and your partner.


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