Sequence of Service Restaurant: Definition and Procedure for Implementation

Sequence of service is the order or procedure in which a waiter/ess provides services to guests.

Starting from the moment the guest enters the restaurant until he leaves the restaurant. This stage aims to provide the best service to every guest who comes.

This procedure is the most basic thing that you must know for those of you who want to enter the restaurant world, especially the waiter server section/waitress server section.

Then what is the order of this sequence of service?


Example of a conversation when welcoming guests in the sequence of service:

  • Waiter: Good morning welcome to (please state the name of the restaurant). How are you this morning sir/madam?
  • Guest: I’m Good, Thank you
  • Waiter: My name is Agus, How may I assist you?
  • Guest: Yes, I want to have breakfast
  • Waiter: Certainly sir/madam. Do you have any reservations in advance
  • Guest: No.
  • Waiter: May I have your name sir? and how many people will be?
  • Guest: My name is Peter. for 3 persons
  • Waiter: You want a smoking area or nonsmoking area Mr. Peter?
  • Guest: Not smoking area, please!
  • Waiter: alright Mr.Peter let me escort you to your table, could you follow me, please?
  • Waiter: Ok Mr. Peter this is our restaurant, we have many tables here, on the left corner facing the view and on the right corner facing the bar, which one would you like you seat Mr. Peter?
  • Guest: On the right corner, please!
  • Waiter: Could you follow me, please?

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Waiter/ess Invites Guests to Sit / Seating The Guest

  • Slowly pull the chair, prioritize women to be invited to sit but prioritize older guests
  • Offer to use the baby chair if there are small children
  • Offer assistance to guests carrying heavy items
  • Help guests who are wearing coats to open and put them on the back of the chair
  • Tell the number of guests to the server

Example of conversation when seating the guest:

  • Waiter: Mr. Peter this is your table, is it ok for you?
  • Guest: Cool, thank you.
  • Waiter: Have a seat, please!

Providing Condiments / Preparing of Condiments

  • Unfold napkin
  • Stand to the right of the guest.
  • Unfold the napkin according to standard procedures
  • Place the napkin on the guest’s lap carefully so that the guest doesn’t feel disturbed

Pouring The Water

  • The regular running water should be clean with enough water for the number of people at the table.
  • Must be cold and room temperature according to guest needs.
  • Should be carried in the underliner or with a neatly folded waiter/ess cloth to ensure thick water does not drip on the table.
  • Water should be served from the right side, women should be served first.
  • Mineral water poured from Seal bottles must be opened in front of guests.

Giving Menu List / Giving The Menu

The Sequence of Service is
  • Take a list of drinks and food menus from the station
  • Make sure the menu is clean and in good condition
  • Give from the guest’s right and in an open state
  • Women first
  • Give 5-7 minutes of time for guests to see the menu before being asked to order
  • Stand perfectly, keep smiling and make eye contact
  • Slowly explain today’s menu by saying something like this: Excuse me madam/sir, I would like to explain about the menu for this morning…for the appetizer…..for the main course….and finally for the dessert…

Drink Order / Beverages Taking Order

  • Inform about special food and drinks or those that are being promoted
  • Prepare the captain order and pen
  • Write all orders on the captain order clearly and completely
  • Write table number, order name, date, time, number of guests, item, order quantity and size, and any special requests from guests if any.
  • Tell all food and beverage information that is sold clearly and accurately to guests according to guest needs

Deliver Orders From Kitchen / Bring The Food From Kitchen

  • Before the ordered food comes to the guest table, prepare the equipment needed to serve food in accordance with existing standard operating procedures
  • Double check the good condition in terms of cleanliness and quality of the food, the accompanying seasoning or sauce, as well as the size and quantity of the food ordered.

Serving Food / Food Serving

The Sequence of Service is
  • Check whether the food that will be served is in accordance with the captain’s order so that it doesn’t go wrong with the intended table, size, and amount
  • Serve food from the guest’s right or from the easier side
  • Be careful if there are small children.
  • Say the word “excuse me ma’am/sir” slowly and clearly
  • Pay attention to the layout of the food on the lazy susan, and make sure the garnishes are facing in the right position.
  • Don’t forget to mention the name of the food
  • Check the list of foods that have been served
  • Stay on stand-by at the charge table and make sure guests’ needs are met
  • Always check if there are empty and dirty plates, those with food residues that exceed 2 pieces must be replaced immediately
  • Don’t pile dirty dishes too high
  • Pile up similar plates without food residue on them
  • Confirm to guests when all orders have been served
  • Offer back if there is additional food and ask if there is a shortage in the order
  • Act immediately if there is an error or complaint

Offer Dessert / Dessert Suggestions

  • Waiter/s offers a dessert menu to guests when the main course menu has finished eating
  • Put the toothpick on the table
  • Prepare the equipment needed to serve dessert
  • Make sure the table is ready to serve dessert

Changing the Ashtray / Change The Tray

  • Take a clean ashtray, place it on a dirty ashtray, then remove it and replace it with a clean ashtray
  • Use the tray to replace it
  • After 2 cigarette butts, the ashtray must be replaced immediately

Deliver Bill / Settle Bill

  • Check the bill from the excel cashier application to whether it is in accordance with the order
  • Use a cover bill and prepare a pen
  • Give from the guest’s right with his right hand and in an open state
  • Ask guests how they feel about the service and food that has been served
  • Give and inform if special promos, events, and or discounts are currently in effect, explain briefly, clearly, and interestingly so that guests are interested to know about it and come back.
  • Wait a moment for payment
  • Recalculate the amount of money in front of the guest if the guest pays in cash and make sure it matches the amount of the bill
  • Pay attention if there is a payment with a room charge, make sure the guest data supports payment through a change room
  • Don’t forget to return the change to the guest
  • Say thank you and keep smiling

Say Thank You

  • Make eye contact, smile, with a slight bow when saying thank you
  • Guide guests to the door with a few short, friendly, and memorable conversations to keep guests coming back.

Those are the stages of the sequence of service that are generally applied in restaurants. May be useful.


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