20 Recommended Hotels in Bandung with Best View

Need a hotel recommendation in Bandung? Whether it’s for a staycation, vacation, or child-friendly? Don’t worry, you have come to the right article.

Bandung is a tourist destination of choice for many people. Apart from the cool air, Bandung also has a variety of interesting tourist attractions.

Naturally, he was nicknamed Paris Van Java, every place feels special and romantic. The hotels are no exception, offering accommodation and facilities that are no less good.

Let’s look at all the hotel recommendations in Bandung in this article, and find the most suitable for you.


Most Recommended Hotel in Bandung

All the hotels that will be discussed are child-friendly hotels, but first, we will discuss the most child-friendly hotels.

The point is that these hotels do provide special facilities for children, from playgrounds to outbound.

1. Grand Tjokro Premiere Bandung (Best Deal!)

Hotel Grand Tjokro is known as a child-friendly hotel. In this hotel, visitors can enjoy a swimming pool, playground, and ball pool.

In addition, you can also access the hotel’s rooftop where there are various animals, ranging from owls, turtles, iguanas, rabbits, and many more. Children can also ride horses.

The cost of lodging at this hotel starts from IDR 400 thousand to IDR 700 thousand per night.

You could say of all the child-friendly hotels on this list, this hotel is the most worth it if you compare the price with the existing activities.

Not to mention, the location is also in the center of Bandung, precisely in Cihampelas, which is close to Ciwalk Mall, Jalan Braga, Trans Studio, and many more.

Location: Jl. Cihampelas No. 211-217, Cipaganti, Coblong District, Bandung City, West Java.

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2. Grand Sunshine Resort & Convention Soreang

Grand Sunshine Resort & Convention Soreang

As the name implies, which contains the word “resort”, this hotel is very grand and luxurious. This hotel has many children’s facilities such as a water bomb, playground, and outbound with many choices of activities.

Children can also rent bicycles or top eds. Inside this hotel there is a minizoo filled with deer, various birds, and even a peacock.

Rates to stay at this hotel start from Rp. 600 thousand when ordering from a travel site.

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3. Padma Hotel Bandung

Recommended Hotels in Bandung - Padma Hotel Bandung

Located in Ciumbuleuit, this Padma hotel is a 5-star luxury hotel. This hotel has a very unique location on a cliff so that it offers beautiful views. The price is also five stars, which is around Rp. 1.8 million.

The price includes all public facilities in the hotel.

One of the general facilities is outbound, including rope climbing, an obstacle bridge, a labyrinth, rock climbing, and a flying fox. In addition, there are also various animals in the bird park, fishing rods, and rabbit houses.

The hotel also has sports activities, including archery, mini soccer, basketball, mini golf, and table tennis. Finally, there is a kids club where children can cook and make art.

  • Location: Jl. Rancabentang No.56-58, Ciumbuleuit, Cidadap, Bandung City, West Java 40142, Indonesia.

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4. Sheraton Bandung Hotel & Towers

Recommended hotel in Bandung city

The next recommended hotel in Bandung is the Sheraton Bandung hotelHotel Sheraton is also a 5-star hotel located in Dago.

This hotel is very child friendly because it has a playground and kids club where children can do activities such as cooking classes.

Also in this hotel, you can also find a mini zoo where children feed rabbits or ride horses. The cost of staying at this hotel starts from IDR 5.5 million.

5. Hotel De Paviljoen Bandung

Hotel De Paviljoen Bandung

De Paviljoen is a child-friendly hotel because it has a kids club. In addition, the hotel has a very large indoor pool.

The cheapest room in this hotel is around Rp. 600-800 thousand.

The location is also a big attraction because it is located on Jalan Riau, a road that is famous as an entertainment destination in the city of Bandung.

You can find many factory outlets and culinary tours here. In addition, this hotel is only about 3 km from Trans Studio Bandung.

Location: Jl. RE Martadinata 68 Bandung 40115, West Java – Indonesia

6. Crowne Plaza

The next hotel recommendation in Bandung is the Crowne Plaza hotel Bandung. Crowne Plaza is a hotel in the Braga area that has a large kids club facility and a large outdoor swimming pool with beautiful views.

The rental price for this hotel starts from IDR 700 thousand per night.

7. Papandayan Hotel

Papandayan Hotel Bandung
Papandayan Hotel

The Papandayan Hotel is located on Jalan Gatot Subroto, this hotel is strategically located, close to Trans Studio.

In addition to having a large swimming pool, this hotel also has a kids club facility that provides educational and entertainment facilities such as Pizza Maker, Andong ride, and minizoo.

You can stay here starting from IDR 700 thousand.

8. Gumilang Regency

Gumilang regency bandung

With rates starting from IDR 300 thousand, Gumilang Regency is a very family-friendly accommodation.

Not only a swimming pool, this hotel also has various playgrounds, including in the swimming pool there is also a slide.

9. Ibis Styles

Ibis Hotel Bandung - recommended hotel in Bandung
Ibis Hotel Braga Bandung – traveloka

This Ibis Style hotel is located on Jalan Braga, one of the most iconic and historic streets in Bandung. You can take your children to visit the Museum of the Asian-African Conference or play in the town square.

Inside the hotel, your child can also enjoy the Kids Corner and swimming pool with a beautiful view.

Ibis Styles Bandung Braga offers rooms with costs starting from IDR 300 thousand.

10. Cottonwood Bed & Breakfast House

Cottonwood Bed & Breakfast House - recommended hotel in Bandung

If you are looking for a hotel that is aesthetic for photos but is also child-friendly, this Cottonwood Bed & Breakfast hotel is for you.

Each room in this hotel has a different theme which is definitely unique, instagramable, and fun for children. In addition, there is a mini playground for toddlers.

With a strategic location, you can stay here starting from only IDR 300 thousand.

Recommended Hotels in Bandung for Families with Good View

11. Clove Garden Hotel Bandung

Clove Garden Hotel Bandung
Clove Garden Hotel Bandung – Traveloka

If you want a good view, you usually have to be a bit out of the city center, like the Clove Hotel, which is located in Bandung Regency.

From the balcony, you get a view of the mountains, and at night you will get a view of the city night sky.

The hotel has a large swimming pool. In addition, the interior and gardens at this hotel are spacious so it is very child-friendly.

Although not in the city of Bandung, the location of this hotel is strategic, still quite close to various tourist attractions such as Trans Studio, Dago Dreampark, and Gedung Sate.

You can spend the night here starting from IDR 400 thousand.

12. Van House Villa

Van House Villa - Recommended Hotel in Bandung

Located in Lembang, Van House Villa presents a blend of Lembang’s signature sky and mountain views. Not only that, although the villa building is majestic and clean like a hotel, the outside of the building is very green and looks pleasant.

From the first time entering the villa area, visitors will immediately find a playground that is quite large and very well maintained.

In addition, the swimming pool is also spacious and there is also a bonfire area, complete with tables and benches and a hammock to relax.

You can also relax on the rooftop with the wide grass, perfect for sipping coffee while watching the children run around.

At Van House, you can book a room with large windows that show off beautiful views starting from IDR 600 thousand.

Location: Jl. Cibedug No 08 RT / 01 RW 10 Ds. Cikole District. Lembang, West Bandung Regency, Lembang, Bandung, West Java, Indonesia.

13. Bumi Bandhawa Hotel

Bumi Bandhawa Hotel - Recommended hotel in bandung

Hotel Bumi Bandhawa is located near Dago, so it’s still Bandung city. This hotel presents a unique view, namely the pine forest that can be enjoyed while sitting in the spacious garden.

The hotel swimming pool is also in the middle of a pine forest. Overall, the pine tree garden at this hotel is very spacious, so besides being beautiful it is also child-friendly, and suitable for active children.

For this unique view, you can rent a room starting from IDR 300 thousand.

14. Swiss-Belresort Dago Heritage

Swiss-Belresort Dago Heritage

Dago Atas is indeed a good tourist spot in Bandung because it is still a city so it is strategic, but it is already in the highlands so the scenery is good.

Swiss-Belresort Dago Heritage has an infinity pool where the view of Bandung is very clear. In addition, this hotel also provides various children’s activities.

The price of staying at this hotel starts from IDR 1.4 million, but some travel sites offer prices below IDR 1 million.

15. Dago Highland Resort

Dago Highland Resort

Dago Highland is a famous hotel in Bandung because it has a nice view and interior, but the room rent is still under Rp. 400 thousand.

The view from the hotel window is indeed very beautiful, especially at sunrise and sunset you can enjoy the view of the mountains from the infinity pool.

While at night, you can enjoy the view of the city lights.

Recommended Cheap Hotels in Bandung

Most of the child-friendly hotels above are indeed quite expensive. As an alternative, here are 5 hotel recommendations in Bandung for families at low prices.

16. Ibis Budget Asia Africa

Ibis Budget Asia Afrika Bandung

Despite having “budget” in its name, this Ibis Budget Asia Afrika hotel has a clean and spacious appearance. Starting from Rp. 200 thousand, you can stay in the middle of Bandung, precisely on the historic Asia Afrika Street.

What’s interesting is that this hotel provides a room with a floating bunk bed, perfect for bringing your little one.

17. OsteL By OstiC

OsteL By OstiC

Instead of a hotel, OsteL by OstiC has a hostel concept, so the price is indeed affordable.

Even so, this hostel is very interesting and children will definitely like it because it provides rooms with unique bunk bed-themed beds.

In addition, around the hotel, there are many games, ranging from foosball, and video games, to hammocks!

The location is also still in Bandung city, close to Trans Studio and Dago. You can rent a room here for under IDR 100,000!

18. Vue Palace Hotel

Vue Palace Hotel

Starting from only IDR 200 thousand, you can stay at this luxurious-looking Vue Palace hotel. This hotel has facilities with a very large outdoor pool and is surrounded by beautiful trees, the kids will definitely like it.

The interior, bedrooms, and bathrooms are also all clean and well-maintained, they don’t look cheap at all.

In addition, its location in the Sumur Bandung area is certainly very strategic and close to various Bandung landmarks.

19. RedDoorz Plus near Asia Afrika 3

19. RedDoorz Plus near Asia Afrika 3

If you book directly from the RedDoorz app, you can stay at this hotel starting from only IDR 100,000. But if you book through Agoda, you can still get the same price.

The location is very strategic in the Asia-Africa region. Uniquely, this hotel is child-friendly not because there is a playground, but a family room hotel where there is a bookshelf filled with comics.

20. Grand Paradise Hotel Lembang

Grand Paradise Hotel Lembang

The last recommended hotel in Bandung for families is Grand Paradise Hotel. As the name suggests, this hotel spoils the eyes of visitors with a very beautiful view of the classic European style.

Apart from the fairytale-like scenery, children will be happy because this hotel has a waterpark! You can also enjoy the heated swimming pool.

The cost of renting a room here starts from Rp. 200 thousand only .

Here are 20 hotel recommendations in Bandung for child-friendly families, ranging from Rp. 2 million to under Rp. 100 thousand.

If you’re going to Bandung with your kids, try staying at one of the hotels, OK!


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