8 Best Villas in Bali with Private Pool for Honeymoon

Vacationing in Bali is one of the best choices after a long day at work. This holiday season is the right time for a vacation with friends or a partner in Bali. Before staying, we need to know the best villas in Bali with private pools.

Not all villas provide a private pool, there are only a few villas that provide such a place. This time we will discuss a villa that provides a private pool as one of the facilities in the villa.

This private pool is different from the public pool. This type of swimming pool can only be used by couples or people who occupy the villa. So this private pool will not be used by others publicly.

The best villa in Bali with a private pool is one of the destinations for a honeymoon. It won’t bother you when you’re on your honeymoon. So a villa with a private pool is highly recommended for those of you who want to honeymoon in Bali.


8 Romantic Villa in Bali with Private Pool

We will present some of the best villa recommendations in Bali with private pools. Not only affordable but there are also villas that have complete facilities.

1. The Widyas Villa Bali

This villa is located in the Seminyak area. As a perfect place for honeymooners, this villa has complete facilities. The Widyas offers a private swimming pool with 12 rooms available.

Other facilities that you can get from The Widyas Villa Bali are television, refrigerator, toiletries, and many others. The location of this villa from the airport is about 35 minutes to arrive.

The address is Jalan Raya Munding No 99x, Seminyak, Bali with cheap rates, starting from IDR. 859,500/night.

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2. The Royal Bali Villa Canggu

8 Best Villas in Bali with Private Pool for Honeymoon

The Royal Bali offers a suitable residence for a family vacation. located in the Canggu area, precisely having its address at Jalan Tegal Asri no 09 Br. Tegal Gundul, Berawa Beach, Canggu, Bali.

Like European residences, this Scandinavian style fits perfectly with the various properties within it. Located in the beach area, this villa is next to a beachside restaurant or cafe.

With 12 spacious bedrooms complete with private swimming pools, this villa is comfortable to live in.

You and your partner can also enjoy the sunset at Batu Belig Beach and Barawa Beach. The rates for The Royals Bali villa start at IDR 1,280,992/night.

3. Noah Villa and Chapel

Noah villa and chappel

One of the perfect villas for honeymooners is Noah Villa and Chapel. This villa offers a variety of complete facilities for a honeymoon with your beloved partner. Located in the Uluwatu area, Bali offers a variety of other interesting facilities.

This bedroom, which has free wifi, a hairdryer, a minibar, a kitchen, and free toiletries, makes you feel comfortable at Noah Villa. Not only that, other facilities such as a spa and garden are also attractive facilities for guests.

To get to this villa we need about 30 minutes from Ngurah Rai airport. This villa with a rate of IDR 661,000 / night is also close to a tourist destination, namely Garuda Wisnu Kencana.

So if you want to stay at the best villa in Bali with a private pool adjacent to GWK, Noah Villa and Chapel is a good choice for staying at the same time on your honeymoon with your partner. Villas in Bali with Private Pool

4. Awilla Villas Kuta

Awila Villa Bali
Villa in Bali with Private Pool

As the name implies, Awilla Villas is located at Jalan Dewi Sri III no 10, Kuta, Bali. This under 1 million villa features a new private pool . Its location in the center of the city makes transportation easier.

Entering the Krisna Souvenir Center area makes it easy for visitors who want to buy souvenirs, they don’t need to be too far away for transportation. The price of this villa starts from IDR 645,000 per night.

5. Paradise Loft Villas

5. Paradise Loft Villas

Paradise Loft Villas is a very beautiful place for honeymooners. Being on a hill with a feel overlooking Tanjung Benoa makes the atmosphere even more special. Paradise Loft is located in the Jimbaran area, Bali.

The best villa in Bali with a private pool is equipped with various kitchen equipment and facilities for an outdoor swimming pool, garden, and massage spa.

The rooms available in this villa reach 42 rooms with complimentary facilities such as air conditioning, television, desk, free wifi, along with a private pool in it.

If you want to take a walk on Jimbaran Beach, you can take about 10 minutes from this Paradise Loft villa. while from the airport you can take less than 20 minutes drive.

6. Villa Mandi Ubud Bali

Ubud Bath Villa
Villa in Bali with Private Pool

The name is Villa Mandi, the location is in the Ubud area, Bali. This villa provides comfort for guests who want to stay.

With a fairly large private pool, you no longer need to be disturbed by other people. In addition to a private pool, there are also facilities that are usually offered in villas, such as a minibar, refrigerator, kitchen, toiletries, kitchen utensils.

If you want to enjoy a tourist destination that is not far from the villa, you can take a walk to The Blanco Renaissance Museum in Ubud. The rate per night for this villa is in the price range of IDR 705,000/night.

7. Sini Vie Villa

8 Best Villas in Bali with Private Pool for Honeymoon
Villa in Bali with Private Pool

Sini Vie Villa is the best villa in Bali with a private pool which is very Instagramable. You can create multiple Instagram feeds, from every corner of the building and the interior of this villa. don’t forget to update this aesthetic villa story on your Instagram.

The number of interesting spots is the mainstay of this Sini Vie Villa. In addition, there is also a private Jacuzzi that you can use to relax.

With rates starting from IDR 1,491,750 / night you can enjoy a romantic villa in Bali. No wonder this villa is suitable for those of you who want to honeymoon in Bali.

8. The Khayangan Dreams Villa Umalas

The Khayangan Dreams Villa Umalas

The Kayangan Dreams is the best Villa in Bali with a private pool, this one is very strategically located, which is near Canggu Uluwatu. With a rate of 1 million per night, we can enjoy various interesting facilities provided by this villa.

The Khayangan Dreams also provides a variety of delicious dishes for visitors.

You can enjoy massages and spas after a day of enjoying various tourist destinations in Bali. Not only that, but you can also swim in the private pool available at the villa. The price per night in this villa is around Rp. 1,103,464 with a total of 9 rooms.

To get to The Khayangan Dreams Villa, you only take about 35 minutes from Ngurah Rai airport. One of the best villas in Bali with a romantic private pool for honeymooners with your partner is The Khayangan Dreams Villa.

Those are the 8 best villas in Bali with private pools that can be an option for those of you who want to honeymoon with a partner. Don’t forget to book a villa in advance so you don’t run out later. Hope this article was useful!


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