What is Hospitality? Complete Meaning and Scope of Work

What is hospitality? At first, glance when we hear hospitality, what comes to mind is a hospital. But the fact is, hospitality is not a hospital. Although these words are both taken from English.

For those who have been in the world of hospitality, of course, this term is not foreign at all. Yes, it can’t be blamed either, because there is a lack of information about the hospitality industry.

So what is the meaning of hospitality?

Hospitality is an attitude or an act given by others. Or simply the relationship between guest and host, of which treatment and hospitality is the foundation.

Is hospitality only limited to that? certainly not. Let’s look at the complete understanding of what hospitality is and the examples below.


Definition of Hospitality

If we open an English dictionary, then Hospitality means “hospitality”

According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, what is meant by hospitality has two meanings. That is:

  1. Hospitable: Treatment, Welcoming, and Behavior.
  2. Activities or businesses that focus on service to guests. Like in hotels, restaurants, bars, and the like.

So this hospitality is actually commonly spoken by English speakers. Especially native speakers.

Welcoming guests who come to the house in a friendly and respectful manner is categorized as hospitality.

Amazingly, nowadays as we know, hospitality has become a promising industry and business.

One of them is the hotel business.

When you go to a hotel, you will definitely feel a pleasant service. Starting from being greeted with a smile when you enter the lobby, to when you want to eat at the hotel.

It should be so, not only for hotels that fall into the hospitality category.

Some examples of the hospitality industry include the following:

  • Restaurant
  • Events
  • Travel & Tourism
  • Bar

Of these various categories, there are still many professions that support it.

Some of the professions that often enter the hospitality industry:

  • Chef
  • Consultant F&B
  • Event organizer
  • Travel Guide

Job Prospects in Hospitality Industry

Job opportunities and prospects in the hospitality industry are very promising because business in this industry is long last.

The fact that is sufficient to support this argument is the increase in the number of foreign tourists in Indonesia which reaches 5-10% every year.

And what’s cool is that the travel and tourism industry accounts for the third largest state revenue, which is 9.3%. Bigger than the fields of education, automotive and financial services.

Besides having a fairly stable and sustainable potential.

Work in this field has its own charm.

For example, you work in a 5-star hotel. Of course, you work in a very beautiful, fun, and beautiful place.

Those who work in the field of travel and tourism can travel around the country as tour guides.

And the most important pleasure of working in the hospitality industry is, that you can share happiness and make other people’s days meaningful through the services you provide.


What is Hospitality Jobs?

As has been explained a little above, some of these jobs are jobs that are vital in their position in this Industry.
Waiter and Waitress
Usually in the restaurant business. Because they believe that service can perfect a meal.
Receptionists are usually synonymous with hotels, but nowadays receptionists are used in many industries.
Although it seems easy, the housekeeper’s job is very vital. That is to maintain the comfort of guests or customers during their stay at the hotel.
Food and Beverage
Food and Beverage in a hotel is a division of its own. They are in charge of arranging meals and dishes for guests. Consists of chef to waiter and waitress.

Does the restaurant in the hospitality industry?

Yes, restaurants are one of the easiest hospitality businesses to find today. 
Although not all restaurants apply hospitable in practice

What is the Hospitality Industry?

In simple terms, the hospitality industry is a business that emphasizes service as its business icon. 
Examples are hotels, restaurants and bars.
The service provided by the waiter and waitress is expected to give a good impression in the eyes of the customer.


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