Gueridon Service: Definition, Types, Advantages, and Disadvantages

Gueridon Service is a method of serving food by bringing a trolley or cart directly. So the presentation process can be done in front of guests.

This method is widely used in some restaurants to add an exclusive impression. In addition, it will also add an interesting impression so that guests will get a dish of food in a condition that is still very fresh.

The process of serving food in this way has its own advantages and disadvantages. So pay close attention to what can be obtained and can also be minimized so that guests continue to enjoy.


Gueridon Service Definition

Food serving varies from fine dining to serving directly to the table from guests. One type of presentation that is widely used today is the Gueridon service.

Gueridon service is a method of serving food directly using a gueridon trolley. This trolley usually contains ready-to-eat or semi-finished food.

Furthermore, the trolley can also contain a stove which will later be used to cook in front of the guests directly equipped with gas cylinders. But there are also those that are already in the form of ready-to-eat foods and are ready to be served.

That’s why serving food in this way is quite popular in some restaurants. Because the process of serving the food will be done directly so that you can’t help but see how the chef’s abilities are.

So someone can see firsthand how the food is served or how the cooking is done. If you have an attraction ability, the chef can show it as part of the show.

Geridon Service Type

Geridon Service Type

Gueridon is a service whose service is determined by the type of food or how it is served. The following are some of the types of services that may be offered.

1. Salad Serving

Next there will be a salad serving that utilizes this method. As we all know, it is usually wrong to make it fresh and will be mixed directly with the dressing.

If it has been mixed before when served, it may taste a little different. With this method of presentation, prayers will be served directly in front of guests so that the conditions are still really fresh.

With this method, you can also determine for yourself how much food they will consume. So they don’t have to worry if it’s too much or too little.

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2. Fruit Serving

Gueridon service is a service that always prioritizes the freshness of every food. That is why in every presentation the food is always brought directly and around to every consumer.

That is why one of the types of food served is fruit which will be cut directly. The fruit will be cut and then given directly as a dessert.

In addition, it can also be processed directly on the trolley such as juice or other beverages. So consumers can choose for themselves which fruit to consume and how much is needed.

3. Serving Companion Meals

Next is to serve various types of side dishes which will also be played later. What to eat later is usually quite a lot starting from bread, sauce, or something else.

Usually some types of food will not be served directly or placed on the table. So if someone wants to use it or needs it, they can directly ask the waiters or cooks who brought it.

This way the table will be very clean and contain only a few dishes and dishes that are really needed. With this method, the table cleaning process can run better because it is not too messy.

4. Cooking Food

Next up is the chef’s own cooking attraction using a trolley. Usually there are stoves and cooking utensils that can be pushed portable wherever consumers want them.

Usually the food ingredients used are still in fresh condition so that guests can immediately wait and be served in a new condition. But for some materials also use semi-finished.

When it will serve freshly cooked briefly and do not have to wait too long. Moreover, Gueridon service is a service that will make you more comfortable because everything is processed without any secrets at all.

5. Adding Food

The last service that will be provided when using this method is to add food that may have run out. This applies to restaurant services that apply an unlimited menu.

In addition, it also imposes some additions on some foodstuffs for free. You can add soup or add other ingredients that are already rationed.

So you can directly go around from one consumer to another. By using this service, one can get perfect service and will not feel lacking.

The advantages of Gueridon Service

There are several advantages of the Gueridon service that make it still liked by many people. Here are some of the advantages that can be obtained.

  • All food served with this method is fresh so it will increase the satisfaction of consumers who consume it.
  • Gueridon service is a personal service so everyone will feel very well served and cared for because everything depends on the request.
  • This service will provide convenience when delivering food directly to consumers.
  • Consumers can immediately give praise to the chef if they feel they enjoy the various types of trials that are given.
  • Make it easy for consumers to choose roughly what type of food they want, including the portion they want to consume.
  • Provide greater satisfaction to consumers so that the risk of being rejected by consumers is very small.

Cons of Gueridon

Although it has advantages, it turns out that there are also disadvantages that gueridon service has. Here are some drawbacks that may occur.

  • For chefs, sometimes pushing a trolley is quite inconvenient when carrying large amounts of food or cooking utensils.
  • It will be difficult to move from one place to another if you want to do a cooking demonstration in front of many people.
  • There is a possibility of an accident when cooking because the tools that are carried everywhere can be exposed to the hands.
  • In the event of an accident, consumers will also experience it because they will carry the stove anywhere, including hot cooking utensils.
  • Impossible to serve large quantities of food. But it can be done if the chef is assisted by several waiters.
  • It is likely that it will be difficult to carry out on-site preparations so a prior preparation process is required. So when in front of consumers just cook.
  • Don’t make mistakes when cooking in front of guests.

Gueridon service is a fast-paced process of serving food. It can even do some kind of attraction so that guests will be more interested and willing to consume the food served.

Unfortunately, there are still some risks that are obtained when using this method. One of the risks that may be obtained is an accident at work or it can cause other problems for guests.


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